Sustainable development and integrated chain management

Our environmental policy is based on the following points of departure:

  • Protecting the environment is an important and crucial factor in relation to our manufacturing processes and services.
  • Our aim is to resolve potential environmental issues at the source. Accordingly, all our production processes are designed to comply with environmental requirements and to take into account the impact on the environment. Whenever possible, materials that can be recycled are also used as such.
  • In order to eliminate by-products and waste, we make use of technologies that reduce their impact on the environment to an acceptable minimum, based on Lansink’s ladder.
  • Every employee, in addition to their other responsibilities, has a personal responsibility for protecting the environment. We also encourage and support the training and instruction of our employees to that end.
  • We provide information to our employees, our clients and the public regarding the measures we take to protect the environment. We aim to cooperate openly and transparently with the relevant government authorities in such matters. As a company, we also shoulder our share of responsibility for the implementation of a policy based on sustainable development and integrated chain management.

The ISO 14001 standard serves as a model for the environmental protection policy implemented by us.