Professionalism means consistency of quality

Chromin Maastricht BV is convinced that an effective quality care and assurance policy leads to a level of quality that creates the necessary confidence that:

  • a product or service fully complies with the wishes, requirements and expectations of the client within the framework of the conditions agreed upon and the applicable standards and regulations;
  • the organization and system are being continually improved via the formulation and implementation of the goals that have been defined.

Managers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the company's policy, goals and management system and for ensuring that, whenever relevant, these are also understood, implemented and maintained by their employees.

Chromin - Iso 9001Every manager is responsible for instructing as well as supervising his or her employees with regard to the above. In consultation with the company directors, managers can also devote the necessary resources and time to ensuring that actions are taken whenever necessary.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Chromin Maastricht BV has been ISO certified since 1996 and is presently also certified in accordance with the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard.

The treatment chromizing CM 2001 , hardchromizing CM 3001 and stainless steel hardening CM 3002 are according to Framework Regulation EC1935/2004.