Materials Research

We have a modern metallurgical laboratory

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Chromin Maastricht BV offers various services in the area of materials research and analysis. Regardless of whether you need a straightforward material analysis or a complex investigation of damage including photos of relevant structures etc., we can help you.

Our modern metallurgical laboratory works with the following technologies and systems:

  • Coating thickness measurements for nonferrous and ferrous metals
  • Determination of core hardness in accordance with Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers
  • Determination of surface hardness in accordance with Vickers and Micro Vickers
  • Measurement of surface roughness, incl. Ra, Rt, Rz, and Rmax (also available on location for a surcharge)
  • Spectral materials analysis: determination of chemical composition and working material/material number
  • Product and screw thread measurements (3-D measurement technique)
  • Structural materials analysis and determination of residual austenite
  • Stereo microscopy
  • Damage analysis: corrosion and formation of fractures and cracks:
  • Choice of materials and expert advice

Several investigations on location, please contact us.

If requested, all investigations/analyses can be accompanied by a detailed report including images. Reports are also available in digital form.