A unique look into our process: The new Chromin corporate video provides a rare insight into the diffusion process and our daily production.
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Heating up a oven takes a lot of energy, which normally disappears when it cools down. Our new continuous oven has a constant temperature.
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It was exciting until the last minute, but last night our director Remi Castermans really received it: the Rabo Made in Maastricht Award 2022!
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This year we are one of the finalists for the Maastricht Awards, the prize of the Municipality of Maastricht for innovative and customer-friendly entrepreneurs. There is also a public award, which you can vote for now.
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The roof of our premises in Maastricht has recently been beautified with 645 solar panels. These panels generate all the energy we need.
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Faster delivery times and even higher quality: with our new, fully automated hybrid cleaning installation, we can now serve customers even better.
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