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Leak-free seal with significantly longer service life

Regulating or sealing corrosive and abrasive process streams causes corrosion and wear on and around the sealing surfaces. This results in the valves leaking or sticking. The service life typically varies from several months to several weeks. 

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Chromin hardened the surface to 2000 HV through hard inchromizing (CM 03002) and enriched the chromium content by 35%. The service life has been greatly improved: now five to ten times the original. 

Chemicals, petrochemical, food, pharmacy, packaging
Leaks caused by corrosion and wear
Service life improved five to tenfold
Research and assessment, treatment, testing
Dimensions and material
Cast stainless steel, DIN: 1.4408, DN 80 ΓΈ 124 mm
Hard inchromizing (CM 03002)

The best treatment for extremely wear-resistant parts with a hard and dense structure and good running characteristics. Dimensional changes are minimal.

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