From challenge to solution

Our goal is always to help our customers level up. With our genuine interest, technical expertise, and the motivation to continuously innovate, we are your trusted partner to reach top performance. 


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Step 1: The challenge

From problem to advice

It starts with a challenge. You are trying to develop a new product, but you hit a wall. Wear, corrosion, or temperature are causing problems in the process. Or perhaps the metal you have chosen simply doesn’t meet your requirements. 

Sometimes we can tell straightaway why it’s not working; sometimes we need to do some research. We always look at whether we can solve your problem with one of our processes. If not, then we’ll look at another way. 

Step 2: The research

Delving into the detail

Our metallography lab offers a wide range of options: from straightforward material analysis to complex damage investigation. After research comes the advice. 

We often have a solution in-house, otherwise we can recommend another material. If we can’t, then we will happily investigate further. If your preferred material isn’t available, then we’ll search for another solution.


Step 3: The treatment

Our process from start to finish

The treatment starts with cleaning your product using our hybrid cleaning system. Then, it goes into the LPC furnace for carburizing. The next process prepares the product for what follows.

The treatment container and the diffusion furnace are at the core of our process. This is followed by separating and polishing to finish the product. The final step is quality control. If the product looks shipshape, then you will receive it back soon. 

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Step 4: Quality control

A product you can depend on

The treatment is followed by quality control, ensuring that the product meets the requirements you set. We measure hardness and layer thickness, which we enter into our ERP system. We can then issue a certificate with the specific properties on request. 

Step 5: Quality in practice

Experience our quality

Once your product passes quality control, we will send it back to you, so you can experience our quality in practice. You can then see for yourself how much your product’s service life has been extended and how much less it wears. Then, we would like to hear from you. 

Sometimes, we need to further optimize the product together. In that case, we will do some more research to see where we can still make gains and how we can help you further. 

All markets covered

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From pharmacy to nutrition, from automotive to aviation. With our genuine interest and proven expertise, we are a valued partner for all our customers.  


Our work starts with research. From a straightforward material analysis to a more complex damage investigation. At our lab, almost anything is possible.


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With our experienced and dedicated team, we are constantly innovating to keep our quality at the high level our customers expect. And we’re proud of it too. 


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